Wednesday, April 20, 2011

 Awe,Charcoal on Paper,2010
 The Box, Oil on Canvas, 2009
 Running From Civilization, Oil on panel, 2010
 The Great Weel, Watercolor, 2009
 Creativity, Watercolor, 2010
 The Night, Charcoal, 2009
 Desire, Pencil on Paper, 2009
 Park Way, Charcoal, 2009
 Broken Promise, Oil on Canvas, 2009
 Fairy Tale, Oil on Panel, 2010
 Blizzard, Oil on Panel, 2009
 Golden Happiness, Spray paint on canvas, 2010
 Tree Thoughts, Pencil, 2010
 I am going home, Oil on canvas, 2008
 Depression, Watercolor, 2010
 Circle, Oil on Panel, 2010
 Murrow,Pencil, 2010
 Lunch Time, Pencil, 2009
 Melancholy, Pencil, 2009-not finished
 Lost Field, Oil on canvas, 2009
 Grace, Pencil, 2010
 Ocean, Oil on canvas, 2009
 Patterns, Marker, 2009
 Cincinnati Post Card, Mixed media, 2008
 Cincinnati Post Card, Mixed
 Behind the Wall, Oil on Panel, 2010
 Copy of Venetian Woman, 2009
 Scorpion, Wax, 2010
 The Beginning and End, Oil on Panel, 2009
 Self-portrait, Oil on canvas, 2009
 Deva, Silver Point, 2009
 Stalker,Under impression, Oil on Panel, 2009
 Coming Back, Oil on canvas,2009
 Fountain Square Sketch, Oil, 2009
 THE ENDoFWORLD, Oil on Panel, 2009
 Present from the Inspiration, Pencil, 2010
 Three of Love, Pencil, 2010
 A Boy, Pencil on Plaster, 2009
 The Tower, Oil, 2009
 Watercolor Sketch, 2010
 Watercolor Sketch#2, 2010
 Watercolor Sketch#3, 2010
 Church, Watercolor, 2010
 Church#2, Watercolor, 2010
 Nude#1, Watercolor, 2010
 Nude#2, Watercolor, 2010
 Lost Deep in the Woods, Oil on Panel, 2009
 Foggy, oil on canvas, 2010
 Folk, Pencil, 2010
Forest, Oil on Panel, 2010


  1. No!!! You are awesome!!! thank you for showing me this, David!!!!